The House at Poe Corner

Eldritch Theatre presents

The House at Poe Corner

by Michael O’Brien & Eric Woolfe

with Grim Warbles by Cathy Nosaty
Gloomy Sights by Melanie McNeill

Performed by Morbid Mairi Babb & Eerie Eric Woolfe

Weird Woodland Management by Annasofie Jakobsen

Produced by Adrianna Prosser
Associate Producer Emma Mackenzie Hillier

“…such a dastardly and diabolical mash-up.”
-Drew Rowsome

Celebrating the 10th deathiversary and woeful return of Eldritch Theatre’s dreadfully dour Kindergoth Masterpiece. Welcome back to the Grim Woodland of Weir, where the terrifying tales of Edgar Allan Poe are performed in petrifying perpetuity by twisted little toys that bear a striking, yet non-copyright infringing, resemblance to a certain “stuffy old bear” and his forest- dwelling companions. Narrated by two lost souls, Edgar (Eric Woolfe) and Allan (Mairi Babb), and performed by a creepy cabal of table top puppets, aided with some truly horrifying parlour magic, these chilling fables are sure to send audiences into paroxysms of despair, madness and mirth. Dedicated to the dead child in all of us.

April 11 – 21, 2024

at Eldritch Theatre’s Red Sandcastle Theatre
922 Queen Street E, Toronto

7:00PM Doors/7:30 Showtime
3:00PM Doors/3:30 Showtime

Tickets: $30 Advance/$40 At the Door
Eldritch Inner Sanctum Members Only $25
& Pay-What-You-Want Sundays



⚠️ *Not a children’s show, this is for the dead child inside all of us; no living child should see this show unless they have already experienced the vastness and cold icy touch of The Void. Please consult your Necronomicon.


Let’s be clear — unless the child is a budding six-year-old goth (and maybe not even then), this puppet show is not for children. It’s Poe-sitively droll.
– Intermission Magazine

an affectionate blend of spooky and cute iconography—riffing on the works of Edgar Allan Poe and A.A. Milne—and it was an absolute joy
– Istvan Reviews

a mad mashup of malevolent brilliance, The House at Poe Corner delivers frights and delights in equal measure.”
A View from the Box

a ‘cabal’ of demonic puppets could bring the stitched together nasty narratives to life. The results are gory, outrageously strange and utterly hilarious.” 
Drew Rowsome Review

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