Doc Wuthergloom’s Here There Be Monsters

Step right up and be terrified and amazed! There’s room for one more…

Eldritch Theatre presents
Doc Wutherloom’s Here There Be Monsters

Armed with a caravan of creepy puppets and dark parlour magic, Doctor Pretorious Wuthergloom the infamous necromancer, travelling exorcist and arcane medicine showman, presents a ghoulishly giddy series of tales about the monsters, cryptids, and weird creatures that haunt our mortal realm. 

GASP! at the terrifying tales of child-eating faeries, and the cigar smoking Kapre of the Philippines! WEEP! at the sad fate that befell Edward Mordrake the Man With Two Faces! And the Boy Who Was Stolen by the Wild Subway! SHUDDER! at the sight of Ghouls, Old Ones, Cosmic Horrors, the Toronto Tunnel Monster and the Dreaded Suburban Sasquatch! 

Each tale is a fearful warning from the Goblin Universe, wrapped in impossible feats of magic that will warp your very sense of reality! But never fear! Doc Wuthergloom can save you, if only you purchase his Field Guide to Monsters! 

Created by Eric Woolfe
Performed by Doctor Pretorious Wuthergloom as Himself
Paula Schultz as Caesarina
or, Emma Mackenzie Hillier as Camille

Evil Costumes Designed by Melanie McNeill
Produced by Adrianna Prosser

Campy and grotesque paraphernalia adorn the small stage—shrivelled heads, ominous contraptions and myriad sinister bits and bobs—all united with a red and black striped motif. Here There Be Monsters is exactly the sort of ghoulish lunacy we can trust Eric Woolfe to deliver with panache.
                                                                                                                               Istvan Reviews


Eldritch Theatre presents
Doc Wutherloom’s Here There Be Monsters
October 25 – November 5

7:00PM Doors/7:30 Showtime
3:00PM Doors/3:30 Showtime

*$25 Devil’s Night Only*
$30 Advance/$40 Door/Pay-What-You-Can Sundays
$20 Eldritch Members 

at their haunted home Red Sandcastle Theatre
922 Queen St E, Toronto

Running time 75 mins, no intermission


Eric Woolfe as Doc Wuthergloom
Photos by Adrianna Prosser

“Here There Be Monsters is frighteningly fun and a crash course in the folklore horrors all around us,”

Drew Rowsome Reviews

I suspected there would be ghost stories and tales of the dead to be told. I didn’t expect to laugh and have as much fun as I did. ‘Here There Be Monsters’ is a terrific show…”

Our Theatre Voice

“Terrifying! Jaw-dropping-amazing! Hilarious!” – Slotkin Letter

“Full of frights and delights, a night out at the Red Sandcastle theatre is the perfect thing to keep spooky season going!”
A View from the Box

Eric is a highly engaging performer. He is exceptional at character work and accents, his comedic timing is spot-on,”
Girl Likes Theatre

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