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The only theatre company in the world to bring you horror, puppets, and magic in one astounding theatrical performance…

Resident Theatre Company at Red Sandcastle Theatre

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Eric Woolfe is one of the city’s genuine, gloriously obsessive originals. No other local theatre company has as completely-defined an aesthetic as his Eldritch Theatre, which specializes in imaginative, lo-fi, old-school horror and mystery stories, with puppetry and a bit of magic thrown into the mix. - Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine


"A space-time journey fuelled by love and imagination offers an intense and intimate experience you won’t want to miss." - NOW Magazine on Space Opera Zero
"Outrageously fun, horrific good times"  - Life With More Cowbell

"Woolfe improved on Wagner, actually, using more species, more tentacles a little sleight of hand and more songs about coitus."  - Leslie Barcza on Space Opera Zero!


"Eldritch’s artistry in puppets and physical effects punches above its weight —  Take a chance on this space odyssey." - Toronto Star on Space Opera Zero

"Doc Wuthergloom, is a charlatan of the first degree, with all sorts of entertaining stories up his sleeve—and many different tricks as well" - Torontoist
"In the world of punk-tinged, Victorian-gothic puppeteering, Eric Woolfe must rank near the very top." - The Globe and Mail
"A spooky brew of Winnie-the-Pooh and Edgar Allan Poe haunts Toronto theatre audiences​" -Mooney on Theatre
"Woolfe was fantastic, seamlessly transitioning from sequence to sequence and showing some very impressive voice work." - Mooney on Theatre
"Woolfe and co-conspirator Perehinec create a horde of creatures with varying degrees of humanity, a multitude of voices, body-shapes, and impersonations.​" -Barcza Blog on Frankenstein's Boy


"Eric Woolfe’s magic-infused puppet show about a Klondike Gold Rush-era con man is a sure bet." - NOW Magazine on The Harrowing of Brimstone McReedy

"A great way to continue the Halloween spirit, especially if you’re a fan of Poe or Milne" -NOW Magazine on The House at Poe Corner

"Woolfe’s usage of his weird little puppets...it really managed to subvert my expectations for a “puppet show”. - Mooney on Theatre
"virtuoso solo performance by Eric Woolfe.... The stunning card work is front and centre, and the post-show performance is even more up close, and equally gob-smacking tricks." -Mind Reels on The Harrowing of Brimstone McReedy
"Two Weird Tales is a fun, freaky, fascinating night out at the theatre! With an intimate space and creative storytelling methods, it’s a truly unique experience!" -  A View From The Box
"Weaving the tale with magic, puppetry and a gruesome version of the shell game, Woolfe is a deft and entertaining storyteller." -Life With More Cowbell on The Harrowing of Brimstone McReedy
"Woolfe has a credibility and emotional resonance that gives him particular power on stage.​" -Indie Critic


"Woolfe draws on deal with possession, demons, mechanical dolls and sex, sometimes all mixed together in an always-clever staging that includes brains, entrails and various forms of dismemberment." -NOW Magazine on Madhouse Variations
"Fantastic sleight of hand tricks...captivate the audience and pull them into the  Lovecraftian world of Brimstone McReedy."​ -Mooney on Theatre
"Highly creative, superbly written, and brilliantly performed, puppet theatre has taken on a whole new meaning!​" -Mooney on Theatre
Woolfe can wring laughs from horror stories as ingeniously as Nightmare On Elm Street's Freddy Krueger can pile up corpses." -NOW Magazine ('Making a Madhouse' feature)
"Seriously bone-chilling... engaging theatrical experience: it was oddly thrilling" - Lights Up Toronto

"A whimsical, campy celebration of Kafka and H.P. Lovecraft. Intimate, eerie, goofy spectacle. And surprisingly faithful, even with the puppets & magic!" - Istvan Reviews on TWO WEIRD TALES!

"Profoundly creative. We’re watching virtuoso performances. I didn’t want the show to end." - Leslie Barcza on Requiem for a Gumshoe