The Deadly Doom of the Dungeons of Duodenum

Part 3 of The Apocalypse Trilogy

Step into the world of Eldritch Theatre horrors with an online interactive theatrical fantastical, where the theatre is inside your computer and you roll THE dice to stay alive!

Eldritch Theatre intended November 2020 to be the premiere of the second part of the Apocalypse Trilogy, begun with Space Opera Zero! But, as COVID19 has made this impossible, and therefore are plunging straight to Part Three, and presenting it as an online, interactive, choose-your-own adventure.

The Deadly Doom of the Dungeons of Duodenum is the newest ghoulish creation by Eric Woolfe (Space Opera Zero, The Harrowing of Brimstone McReedy) in which ticket buyers can choose to take part in the story using Dungeons and Dragons based role-playing, or merely witness the horrific adventure that will change each night! Adventurers will be given keys to The Forbidden Library, the entire Eldritch Theatre repertoire, as the online experience will take players on a quest through twenty years of Eldritch Theatre creations, meeting sword and sorcery versions of characters from past productions. The monsters and minions they meet will be performed by live actors, puppets, pre-recorded video segments and interactive maps.

Befriend monstrous puppets, engage with the actors in real time, and be sure your incantations are well intoned in this homage to the classic RPG games of the 1980s with Michael Ripley (9 Types of Ice) as your host and Dungeon Master, Kimwun Perehinec (Frankenstein’s Boy, Madhouse Variations) and Eric Woolfe as the cast of fiends….With a super special creepy guest appearance by world renowned, Canadian icon, Kenneth Welsh (Twin Peaks, Survival of the Dead) as the voice of Ixa Lampoar, the Mad Warlock. With dungeons and its inhabitants designed by Dora awarding-winning Melanie McNeill.

“Woolfe’s usage of his weird little puppets…it really managed to subvert my expectations for a “puppet show”.

-Mooney on Theatre

“Outrageously fun, horrific good times”

– Life With more Cowbell

The Apocalypse Trilogy CONTINUES…

As a result of the events which concluded Space Opera Zero! (and the as yet unseen, Requiem for a Gumshoe!) all of time and space has been devoured by a giant space worm, known as Moby Tiberous.

After countless eons inside the great leviathan’s Thousand Thousand Stomachs, a dark and troubled civilization has developed. Warlocks and warriors clash with demons and dragons. The tyrannical forces of the Regressive Brotherhood of Brethren and their Secret Police rule the land with an iron gauntlet. Life inside the big worm is a futile nightmare of madness. And yet, from the darkest pits, heroes arise! Novice members of the Susurring Order of the Lucid Platypus (role-played by patrons) receive a vision sent to them by the ancient Warlock, Ixa Lampoar (Kenneth Welsh), who leads them on a quest to recover the Piscine Key and the scroll upon which is written The Incantation of Cyclopean Chunder, a spell that has the power to cause the Great Regurgitation and release the Universe from its endless, peptic prison. Will the players triumph and restore infinity to its pre-digested glory? Or will they die horrible deaths and the hands of their foes, and end the night as miserable failures? Only the roll of the dice will tell!

Created by Eric Woolfe

Performed by Kimwun Perehinec, Michael Ripley & Eric Woolfe

with Special Creepy Guest Kenneth Welsh

Designed by Melanie McNeill

Stage Managed by Sandi Becker

Produced by Adrianna Prosser

Kimwun Perehinec

Kimwun Perehinec

Michael Ripley

Michael Ripley

Eric Woolfe

Eric Woolfe

Kenneth Walsh

Kenneth Walsh

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