Eldritch Theatre’s
Dungeons & Dragons Sword and Sorcery School
a camp for nerds and geeks


Thank you for an amazing 2022 Summer, we look forward to our next dungeon crawl in 2023!

Dungeon and Dragons beginners welcome
Gather ye witches, warlocks, and knights for Eldritch Theatre’s Online Dungeons & Dragons Adventures and battle fearsome fantastical foes in a mystical realm of virtual tabletop role playing, OR in-person sessions that will include daily tutorial in magic, puppetry and improv.


Honey I Shrunk the Creatures Or The Macabre and Monstrous Mausoleum of Mini Mammoth Mo

Bigger City have been miniaturized and it’s up the adventurers to shrink down and figure out who did it, why they did it and how to make it better. Long ago, when even the Big were Small, the cosmic bear, Volga Vomitous the Vigilant mother of the Ye-toobee, died. On her pelt and among her bones there grew a city: the sprawling, microscopic metropolis of Ger. All was well until the Great Turn, when all that was, was suddenly, not. The desperate denizens of Ger called for help. But because they were wee, they were not heard. So they “fixed” things and, well… now ALL is small. Which is kind of a big problem.

In-person players must show proof of vaccination and be masked while inside the venue.
Four HEPA Filters will be operational throughout the session. Staff are triple vaccinated and masked at all times. No food or drink will be allowed in the theatre, but outside breaks for snacks or drinks will be scheduled.

We will be using DnD Beyond to help create a game that connects us digitally. *no fee needed, but adventures must sign up for a free membership in order to build their character, and level up after each session.

Campers will become wizards and warriors using theatre games, improv, and tabletop role playing. Each day we game and level up in sessions of Dungeons and Dragons.


Please keep in mind that this activity requires the participant to be an active listener and able to navigate the game as well as the online video session. Gaming sessions will be conducted via Zoom.us, with D&D Beyond open in a second tab. Should you have any questions please email eric@eldritchtheatre.ca

Your professors for our Sword and Sorcery School will be Dungeon Master Michael Ripley and Divination Teacher Emma Mackenzie Hillier.

Ages: old enough to drink or vote
Level: All players welcome


Date: TBA

One night of questing event for everyone who complained our Sword & Sorcery School was only for kids. Your wish is our command…

*Adventurers should have a DNDbeyond.com login (it’s free to register) and a login for Zoom.us (it’s free as well!)

Sword & Sorcery School Faculty

Michael Ripley

Michael Ripley

Dungeon Master

Also a playwright, director and actor D.M. Ripley taught for years with the Arts Express afterschool theatre and “Improv for Teens” programs. He has also taught acting for dancers at the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre’s Sundance summer school and has twice directed the Blyth Festival Theatre’s Young Company program. Other teaching credits include 2 years as a Theatre History instructor for Ryerson University’s School of Performance. His plays have appeared on stages from Sydney to Dubai to Chennai. When not making theatre Michael spends downtime playing D&D with his sons, friends and the goblin folk that live behind his furnace. His first DnD character was Baffle Cakecheek – a bard/baker bagpiper with a knack for the arcane art of philo-mancy.
Eric Woolfe

Eric Woolfe

Professor of the Dark Arts

Professor Woolfe is the artistic director of Eldritch Theatre, a company specializing in plays about the creepy and uncanny, using puppetry, live actors and parlour magic. He will be using these arcane talents as our school’s chief puppetry and magic instructor. Aside from his skills as a necromancer, he works as both actor and playwright and itinerant showman, also being one of Canada’s few Punch and Judy Professors, and the impresario of the worlds only Dora Award Nominated Flea Circus. Mr Woolfe has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 1980. His first character was Amic Fenris Tesh, a halfling fighter-magic user, whose best friend was a talking Phoenix.
Emma Mackenzie Hillier

Emma Mackenzie Hillier

Divination Teacher

Emma Mackenzie Hillier is a Toronto-based producer, dramaturg, and all around nerd. She trained in acting, and upon deciding to give that up she trained in dramaturgy at Factory Theatre, Nightswimming Theatre, and at Stratford Shakespeare Festival. She continued her dramaturgical work in Toronto’s busy indie theatre community, eventually co-showrunning and co-producing the six-episode miniseries for the stage, The Numbers Game. To satisfy her need to get things done, she turned to producing, and has worked with multiple companies in Toronto, ensuring their productions came to the stage as smoothly as possible. For the last two years, she has switched gears and now works for The Walrus, the home of Canada’s Conversation, as one of their Event Planners, bringing interesting to their engaged audience. Ms Mackenzie-Hillier was asked to join the faculty as a long term occasional, after her impressive defeat of Lady Zara’s Gargantuan Fire Breathing Hamster of Death, which she slew by feeding it her Magical Immovable Rod wrapped in smoked meat, thereby freeing her now unencumbered party to unleash of volley of spells and ranged attacks.