Shakespeare’s blood-soaked king, weird witches, viscera-sopped murders, nightmares of madness, and terrifying occult prophecies crash head on with our ghoulishly giddy bag of timorous trickery!

Current Season

October 25 – November 5, 2023

February 8 – 24, 2024

January, March, and June of 2024

April 11 – 21, 2024

Past Productions

Eldritch Theatre’s inaugural work, The Strange & Eerie Memoirs of Billy Wuthergloom premiered at Summerworks 1999 where it won rave reviews and an honourable mention for the Jury Award for Best Play. It was then expanded and remounted at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in April of 2000, and for a third time at London’s Grand Theatre. Wuthergloom is a musical play for solo actor, live musician and a bevy of creepy puppets designed and operated by the performer, Woolfe. Robert Crew of the Toronto Star called it, “quirky, funny, unusual and certainly worth a look” and declared it his favourite play of Summerworks ’99. Jon Kaplan of NOW Magazine said Wuthergloom was “charming and chilling at the same time… NNNN.” 

Since, Eldritch Theatre has won 4 Dora Awards: 

Joanne Dente, Outstanding design. Grendelmaus
Melanie McNeill, Outstanding design. Madhouse Variations
Christine Brubaker, Outstanding performance. The Babysitter
Melanie McNeill, Outstanding Costume design. Space Opera Zero!

“In the world of punk-tinged, Victorian-gothic puppeteering,

Eric Woolfe must rank near the very top.” –  The Globe and Mail


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