Eldritch Horrors: Plays From The Tomb

Eldritch Theatre presents

Eldritch Horrors: Plays From The Tomb

Special staged reading series of Eldritch works unearthed from the grave…

Throughout the year, like carnal gusts of wind billowing from robbed graves, we will be cursing of beloved patrons with Eldritch Horrors: Plays from the Tombs – play readings of some of our undead classics from aeons passed: Dear Boss (2004 Outstanding New Play Dora Award Nomination), The Babysitter (2007 Outstanding Production Dora Award Nomination), and a special preview of our newest play in development: Zombocalypse! With special guest readers to be announced, happening in January, March, and June of 2024.


January 14: Zombocalypse!
March 11: Dear Boss
June 10: The Babysitter

Director: Mairi Babb
Designer: Melanie McNeill
Writer: Eric Woolfe

Lisa Norton
Kimwun Perehinec
Craig Lauzon
Patrice Goodman
Eric Woolfe

Stage Manager: Sandi Becker

Take George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, John Hugh’s The Breakfast Club, and the Government of Canada’s nuclear war survival pamphlet, Seven Steps to Survival and run them through a blender, and you get Zombocalypse!, the tragic, totally true, terrifying tale of a prince, a rebel, a jock, a brain, and recluse trying to survive that horrible day in 1986 when the dead rose to feast on the flesh of the living. A staged reading of Eldritch Theatre’s work in progress.


Dear Boss

Culled from fact, Dear Boss brings together the American Charles Fort (an inveterate chronicler of the Unexplained) with the Elephant Man (Joseph Merrick) to deal with the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888. They try to find the serial killer and cross paths with everyone from the society surgeon and possible suspect Sir William Gull to Lewis Carroll, at one time a suspect as the Ripper.

Written by: Eric Woolfe

Mairi Babb
Craig Lauzon
Eric Woolfe

Stage Manager: Sandi Becker


The Babysitter

Splatter movies, final girls, urban legends, fairy tales, Freudian psychology, and hook-handed murderous maniacs collide head on in this staged reading of Eldritch Theatre’s Dora award winning, slasher puppet horror. Children don’t belong in the oven! (Originally created in association with Theatre Direct Canada.)

Creative Team TBA


at Eldritch Theatre’s Red Sandcastle Theatre
922 Queen Street E, Toronto

Tickets: $20 Advance/$30 At the Door
Eldritch Inner Sanctum Members Only $15


Masks Protect Our Performers Please Wear Your Mask ◾️ HEPA FILTERED THEATRE

 Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts for supporting the workshop and staged reading of ZOMBOCALYPSE!

“Outrageously fun, horrific good times” – Life With More Cowbell

“In the world of punk-tinged, Victorian-gothic puppeteering, Eric Woolfe must rank near the very top.” – The Globe & Mail

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