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To Do List:

  • HEPA filtration system
  • lettering on the windows
  • new lighting board
  • lockers for performers
  • rubber floors
  • change rooms in basement
  • backstage area
  • better air conditioning
  • move washroom to create lobby area
  • Box Office POS


Completed work by Eldritch Theatre:

  • Repaired the Window $1356

  • Cleared the rotting cupboards in bathroom $52.93
  • Storefront paint and wood panel clean up $457.54
  • Front Step reconstruction: $1200


Total: $3066.47 + time and labour

RED Sandcastle Repair + Restore

The RED Sandcastle Theatre has been a Leslieville hub of art and theatre, creativity and exploration since 2011.
Now in its 10th year, and under new management, there are some areas that need a little TLC...


Read our 10 Year Anniversary Announcement + New Management press release here:

In September the new management, Adrianna Prosser and Eric Woolfe of Eldritch Theatre, started using their own money and their Eldritch Theatre coffers to start updates and renovations. 


What's next?

We want to give the inside a little love now too but we need your help. Adrianna donated one HEPA filter already, but when we re-open in December, we'd like to have four HEPA filters to cover the space and keep you safe. We want to update the light grid with a new lighting board. We want to provide lockers, rubber floors, and change rooms down in the basement making it a proper greenroom and backstage for performers. We also want to figure out better air conditioning. There's a dream of moving the washroom off the stage and creating a front of house lobby area...

We've applied for a cultural spaces grant, and if we receive it, your donation could be matched dollar for dollar!


Donations Get Perks

We want to thank you for helping us reach our goals in repairing and restoring the RED Sandcastle Theatre. Our Resident Theatre Company, Eldritch Theatre, has some fun items and experiences up for grabs if you donate at these levels:


As a thank you to anyone who donates we came up with these perks and gifts and fun things to say we appreciate you helping us reach our goals:


0 - $24 = Memento Mori Oracle Card reading:  send a question to our Oracle and have this morbidly fantastic deck answer you (sent my email, includes a picture of your card).


$25 - $49 = Red Seat Dedication: we will spray paint our black audience chars red with a quote of your choice (keep it clean here kids we still get the final say!) along with your name dedication.


$50 - $100 = Charm Bottle or Hex Spell Jar: ever wanted a charm to help boost your chances? Or maybe you want to hex someone like that guy who always steals your lunch from the office? You can choose either or!


$100 - $250 = Eldritch Wand: handmade to order by our Director of the Uncanny Eric Woolfe, said to possess magical powers so be careful who you point it at.


$250 = $500 = Shrunken Heads + Wand: imagine your head turned into a puppet head and then mounted with your name on it like you are some fancy well-to-do Roman bust... only, it's made by Eldritch so more like a Monster Bust! We will mount your head on our wall, but you get to keep the wand!


$500 - $1000 = Chair Dedication and a Haunted Object with a Cursed History: have you ever been in the RED Sandcastle basement? There are things down there that we have no idea how it got there and most of them are inhabited by shows of the past. Not only will we dedicate a chair in your memory (because let's face it, the object you're about to acquire might mean your days are numbered...) but you will get a Curse Object in the post complete with it's cursed story.


Want to donate? Visit The RED Sandcastle Theatre donation page to claim your perk and donate to the Repair + Restore the RED Sandcastle Theatre Fundraiser: