Eldritch Theatre was formed in 1886 after an impertinent Ouija board informed Randolph Pomeranski that his soul would be devoured by The Great Old Ones That Were And Shall Be Again unless he produced a series of puppets plays exploring the dark and foreboding mysteries of the Dread Necronomicon of Abdul-Alhazred. Unfortunately, none of these plays were ever performed, because when it came time to write grant applications, the Ouija Board would only spell gibberish.


One hundred years after Pomeranski’s blood-sopped demise in the knotting room of an unlicensed wig factory, Eldritch Theatre reformed to create, develop and produce plays that deal in themes of the horrific, supernatural and uncanny, often with a darkly comedic bent, which seek to scare, entertain and enlighten audiences in equal measure. These plays explore innovations in staging, including extensive incorporation of puppetry, mask, and a post-Brechtian approach to staging the fantastic.





The only theatre company in the world to bring you horrorpuppets, and magic in one astounding theatrical performance...