Donate $20 and get a personalised video hex from our Victorian Doctor 

Hex your ex, curse your co-worker, or charm your chum with Doctor Pretorious Wuthergloom's help. Donations go to produce Eldritch Theatre’s Massive Retro Science Fiction Epic, “Space Opera Zero” and if you donate over $20 you will get a personalized video hex.




*You can donate any amount to Space Opera Zero without hexing someone, if you are one of those bleeding heart cowards, who is afraid to spread evil in the world.


How it works:


1. Click the link to donate and you will be asked for your email.

2. After you have paid off Wuthergloom we will send you an email asking who you would like to send the video curse to, their name would be helpful and so would their email. 

3. On April 1, 2017 we will send the video link to your hex to you and your cursed one.

4. We hope you prepared your maniacal laugh because this is the perfect time to use it.