Eric Woolfe Artistic Director of the Uncanny
Adrianna Prosser Marketing Monster + Director of the Canny
Kaitlin Hickey Production Manager
Melanie McNeill Designer of Evil
Dylan Trowbridge Director
Sandi Becker Stage Manager

 Jude Haines - Spooky Sound Designer

Have you ever heard that story about the guys in Siberia who dug a well so deep, you could hear the tortured souls, damned to the agonies of Hell screaming and wailing their fate? And then someone made a recording of it. And then played in on television, and youtube, and all over the internet. And anyone who listens to that recording suffers terrible, horrible, no good, very bad luck, because no one should listen to a recording of tortured souls in Hell.... Well, Jude was the guy who made the recording.

 Sandi Becker - Stage Manager

Sandi Becker strikes fear into the hearts of the weak and foolish. She has retractable fangs. And, due to a recurring battle with Early Onslaught Lycanthropy, has become a passionate advocate for promoting tolerance to Werewolfism in school age children. She can kill you with a look, and if you are not in bed by 9 o’clock, she’ll come to you in the darkness, slip you into a bag made from cat skin, and take you to her moldy, mildewed lair. What will happen there? No one has lived to tell the tale.


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 Dylan Trowbridge - Director (Harrowing of Brimstone McReedy)

Dylan Trowbridge is the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, and so his father knew he would never come to no good. When he turned 13, his father saw that the change was a gunna come, and locked Dylan deep down in the earthen cellar of the family domicile to prevent the boy from a doing harm to the other kith and kin. Well, that young Dylan, he cried piteously for the first night or two, but once that gibbous moon turned to full, all that weeping and a wailing started to sound more like a growling and a howling, and that's when the Trowbridge family knew the youngest of their clan could never be let out of the hole. They fed him by dropping scraps of raw meat through the cracks in floorboards, and that kept the monster happy for nigh on seven years. But after that, that damned thing in the cellar got to big to be kept there, and one night it broke out... And what happened after that, most folks are too scared to say.​











 Melanie McNeill - Designer of Evil

Melanie is a set and costume designer who created the non-Euclidian, mad-blasted, architecturally anomalous, temple of unholy abomination, known to the students at Miskatonic University as the Pit with a Thousand Steps. Her efforts on this project won her two Dora Mavor Moore Awards, a pickled Siamese twin in a mayonnaise jar, and a thirty-year stint in a padded room at Ravenscrag Asylum for the Mentally Deranged. It is said that her fingernails are made of needles, and to look into her eyes is to see one's darkest, most secret fears writ large across the sky, in words penned in streaks of lightning. I have feared many dark things in my life. But I fear Melanie most of all.

Adrianna is a dead, red-headed girl who lurks in the bottom of an old, dry well. And if you throw a penny in, and whisper a little wish, she scoops your words up, in her cracked, grey hands, and swallows them, chewing your dreams into tiny, broken little pieces, so they can never come true. That's why, some nights, when you can't sleep and you are all alone in the darkness, you almost hear the empty sussurrus of distant cackling. That is Dead Adrianna, at the bottom of the well, giggling maniacally over your masticated dreams. @adriannap

Past Haunts

 Kaitlin Hickey - Production Manager

Kaitlin Hickey is a production manager, lighting & video designer. When she was a small child of seven, her best friend had a little doll. But Kaitlin wasn't allowed to play with it. Being a selfish, spoiled girl, Kaitlin stole the doll when her friend's back was turned. Then guilt over came her, and she weighed the doll down with stones and threw in into a creek. That night, she woke to the sound of muddy water, dripping slowly onto her bedroom floor. Her eyes struggled to peer into the darkness. "Mummy? Is that you?" whispered little Kaitlin, knowing that it wasn't her mother at all. "No, Sweetie," hissed a sibilant voice. "It's me. Your Dolly. I'm done with my bath, and now I've come home to play. Take off your skin, and wrap it round me to keep me warm. The water chills me so." Kaitlin was never seen again.

Artistic Director of the Uncanny: Eric Woolfe
Marketing Monster + Director of the Canny: Adrianna Prosser
Designer of Evil: Melanie McNeill

Production Manager: Kaitlin Hickey




Board of Directors
Samara Nicholds, president

Mark Downing
Keldon Drudge
Tammi Hensch
Beth Brown

Eric Woolfe - Artistic Director of the Uncanny

Adrianna Prosser - Marketing Monster + Director of the Canny

Eldritch Theatre 

Eric Woolfe was born the bastard child of an itinerant sideshow contortionist, and a door-to-door alienist. He began his career at the age of eight and three quarters, when a national famine forced him to follow his mother's twisted feet into show business. Following failed careers as a learned pig tamer, flea circus promoter, and gaffed armless calligrapher, he formed Eldritch Theatre after losing a bar bet. He is now an actor, writer and puppeteer, as well as being a noted spiritualist huckster. He is often visited by the ghost of his beloved miniature schnauzer, Schubert, who offers Mister Woolfe valuable career advice, such as “You should chase more squirrels," and “You better hide in the basement when there is thunder outside.” Mr Woolfe has my credits, projects and award nominations, but his favourite by far is George A Romero's maritime western zombie masterpiece, Survival of the Dead.   @EricWoolfe

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